Transformed by a heritage

My precious grandmother, Helen Chandler, went to be with her Lord and Savior on December 9, 2017.  Mawmaw was 99 years old.  Her home-going was a combination of  gut-wrenching loss and indescribable joy.  She yearned so intensely to go home to Heaven.  I heard her beg God many times in her sweet prayers for her faith to become her sight.  I prayed for the day to come quickly too.  I knew her body had been tired for many years, but when I saw her spirit become weary, it simply broke my heart.  But today, right now, she is experiencing every desire for which her heart ever yearned a million times over and then some.  Amen and amen.

At her service, many people spoke of how she influenced their lives through the years.  She was a great woman of God.  She cared for people and prayed for them in ways that made an eternal impact.  Standing beside her casket, several people told me she left this for me to carry on.  Wow…big shoes to fill.  I have prayed and thought about what carrying this torch might look like for me.  My first step on this legacy journey is this blog.

I started blogging when I found out I had cancer in February 2017.  I found that writing is a very useful tool for me to work out my thoughts and express myself.  I have been able to talk about the struggles of life and point people to Jesus.  I want to continue this but do it in honor of Mawmaw.  Instead of being inspired by fighting cancer, I am inspired by trying to fill those really big shoes that Mawmaw left for me.  I pray that my writing encourages and inspires others to be more like Jesus.